Sunday, January 30, 2011

Setting up enterprise level web application

A modern web application today can benefit from decoupling; setting up each layer as self contained and treating dependencies as such seems to be the key. Many of us have seen technology come and go with our years in development. Open source revolution is picking momentum; products are being published faster and competition is struggling to keep up. APIs are deprecated and new releases are being published with in months not years. You need to be free to take advantage of all the advancements without paying a big price for changing your mind.

My experience is strictly in Microsoft and open source products which work with Microsoft. I will like to talk about the technical stack and how to build infrastructure pieces with anti-corruption layers and start developing application fast!

MVC for User Interface layer

DDD for Domain layer

ORM for data access layer

IoC / Dependency Injection

Automated Testing

Automated Build and publishing Setup

Choosing your db

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